Spending Fun Time at Nutcracker Ballet

At New Jersey Youth Ballet we have classes for kids and a caring knowledgeable instructor to help them. We are committed to provide educational experience to young ballet dancers. There are professional training classes and along with dance they are taught a sense of value and purpose of performing.

We are offering Nutcracker ballet for children who are between 5 and 18 years of age. Boys and girls both can attend the lessons given here. It encourages your child to learn the basics of this dance form and build up a positive image for themselves. We have age appropriate dance classes for kids that help them to enjoy and learn every bit of what they are being taught. We offer dance lessons of the highest quality and it is our foremost motive to give them what they expect.

Nutcracker ballet performances are held during the Christmas time every year. Kids love to participate and learn something new as they are taught much more than dancing. At New Jersey youth ballet young children are provided with a professional environment where learning dance becomes much easier. We have dance classes that encourage them to take interest and view dance as an important activity of their day to day routine. Read more »


Marie and Nutcracker. Dress Up

Christmas is coming. Soon the guests will arrive, but Marie has not yet chosen her dress, which will be presented at the party. She will have to hurry. You must help her choose the right clothes in this funny dress up game “Marie & Nutcracker. Dress Up”! In our new free online game “Marie & Nutcracker. Dress Up” there are two modes – Dress Mode and Compare Mode.In the Dress mode your mission is to help this pretty girl named Marie to prepare herself for the Christmas party. All day she prepared Christmas dinner and has not yet chosen the dress that will be used in the Christmas Eve.

Choose for her the most beautiful dress of color which you like best. You have to find something to make her really pretty, look at the great wardrobe and choose the set what you like. In this free flash dress up game you will find all kinds of clothing – you can combine a lot of dresses and garments. In this online flash game there is an assortment of pieces of clothing – choose a dress, blouse or shirt, jeans, a corset with a skirt.

There are also many stylish accessories which you can use. Playing this free flash game you can become a fashion stylist. You will learn a lot about all these clothes and learn how to combine them playing “Marie and Nutcracker. Dress Up”.If you like challenges you can play our nice free flash game in Compare mode. In this mode your mission is to dress Marie in the same way as it is shown in the original image.You have to be very attentive and patient to complete the task in the compare mode, although in this free online game you’re not playing against time. In the corner of screen there is a bar showing you your dress correspondence and the original dress.Our online flash game “Marie and Nutcracker. Dress Up” gives you an opportunity to help Marie to prepare for the great Christmas party! In addition, you will test your creativity, your attention and patience. 

Thanks to this dress up game, you will learn something new about yourself and maybe you will decide to become a fashion designer in the future. You will surely like the graphics style which is used in this nice game. Relaxing music will accompany you throughout the game. But if it bothers you, you can turn it off. So, do not waste time and start playing our free flash game right now!


Christmas Nutcrackers – Best Way to Decorate Your Home at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. This is the time when everyone from a child to an old, participate and celebrate this festival of joy and prosperity. When Christmas comes everyone gets excited and does various things to spread the joy and happiness. One of the most traditions is decorating the house on Christmas. Everyone tries to come up with innovative ideas to decorate their home in a way that it can appear different from the others. There are many companies which provide different kinds of decorating items to make to give ones house distinct appearance.

There is a long tradition of decorating the houses using nutcrackers. It all started centuries ago in Alpine area of western Germany. There was a belief that these nutcrackers possess incredible powers and protect people from the evil spirit. It was also regarded as the symbol of good fortune. It used to be said that the more you elaborate your house decoration using nutcrackers, the stronger its power and influence would be. Traditionally, the German woodworkers used to make the finest of hand-made of nutcrackers, later it became popular and spread in the different parts of the world. Read more »

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